Discover all the gags of our idol

a fun collection of victories over the years

The passion for motorcycling has always accompanied the inhabitants of Tavullia and also before moving to MotoGP, Valentino was followed in Italy and in Europe by a group of "loyals" led by Rino (President of the Fan Club and father of Uccio) and Flavio. Initially seen as "Supporters Tavullia" they began soon to animate in an original and ilarious way their first trips. They printed their first t-shirts, they waved their first flags and laughing and cheering they invented their first gags, encouraged by Valentino himself, that with his innate communicative skills and vocation for the show, can translate into the funniest characters the imaginative ideas of the group.

Within a short time the yellow "Human Stain", born on the Rivazza hill at Imola and on the Casanova-Savelli at Mugello, has grown more and more arriving on all MotoGP circuits to support Vale.

Valentino then made his way and the “Tavullia Supporters” also with him. In 1997 they decided to found the current "Official Fan Club Valentino Rossi Tavullia" placing as a prerogative the promise not to change the spirit of the way it operates, characterized by friendship, enjoyment, disinterest and solidarity.
The main feature of our Fan Club, however, is to entertain the whole Yellow People and make them have fun, supporting our Doctor Valentino Rossi.

Since 1996 we make it possible also thanks to the gags! How do we invent the gags?!
Simply on Saturday afternoon, in the bar or restaurant, playing cards! Every occasion is good to find an idea that will turn into gags.